The Launch of Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate, Create A Life You Love

I’m super excited to announce that my book (two years in the making) is finally out!

I am in a ‘soft’ launch phase meaning I have released an advance copy to my early review readers before I start the official marketing around the book which will be in around 3 weeks time (1st Dec).

Writing and publishing a book is probably the most entrepreneurial thing I have done (despite me running a number of businesses in the past and present) and that’s because it really does test your patience and grit levels!

The biggest takeaway I learnt from this whole experience is the power of never giving up and persisting with your dream no matter how many setbacks happen or how many times your editor makes you rewrite that darn chapter 🙂

Those on my email list would have received an advance early copy last week and I do hope you enjoy it.

I wrote it from the heart and my intentions are to show you how you can live the life you want only if you’re brave enough to follow your own calling and pursue your passions.

Living the life you want is not reserved for the few and famous. It’s available for you and me right now. Today.

If you would like to support my book launch you can get your copy from Amazon here, available in both print and Kindle versions:

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Or if you would like an early advance review copy before the official launch (before 1st Dec 2017) you can send me an email or leave your email address below.

Grab free bonus content

To celebrate the launch I have some free bonus content that accompanies the book. You can access them here.

Have a great day and thanks again for all your support!